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Nov 3, 2016

When the Death bell tolls - Vultures Prey.. Gorakhpur

#Ghorakhpur tragedy at BRD Hospital where 63 children died majorly due to disruption of
Oxygen supply to the Storage plant from where it would be piped. One of the Biggest Hospital yet the administration and the District administration laxity landed in such a tragedy. Just this week CM Yogi Adthiyanath visited the Hospital, wonder what was the Visit is all about? mere Photo-Ops isnt it easy for the Health Minister "Sidarthnath Singh" was quick to pass on the buck to the Hospital administration, Does he even know what is Portfolio? short comings? Is he not aware 40 reminders from the Oxygen supplier "Pushpa Sales" for the Payment pending and three warnings (letters) that they would stop the supply? Both the Health Minister and the Supplier cant getaway by deflecting the Issue. Sidarthnath Singh needs to take a leaf from his great Grandfather and quit his Ministry.

The BJP Government needs to pull up its socks and concentrate on imminent critical issue than tokenism heads should roll rather than ordering probe and sitting on it.

This tragedy is not a one off in the Hospital, BRD is known to be a graveyard for the Patients believe between 2009-2011 as many as 1000 children had died, real massacre , BRD was also in the news in the "Vyapam" Scam. 

"For whom the Death bell tolls " an expression from John Donne that says any Person death is a loss to all of us. Alas that is not the case with Indian Politics, death is an "Event" to get Maximum Political Mileage no matter who dies and under what circumstances.

The Vultures would start Preying over the dead, all Political Parties have jumped into this tragedy to take maximum Mileage, Congress sending a team, Maya visiting the Hospital, not to be left SP and even AAP to visit the dead. 
Rohit a Troubled Individual

Troubled Rohit Vermula, yes that's what the Inquiry Commission had inferred, without going into details whether he Lacked Professional/Personal success, Addictive Behavior or due to his Parents who stayed away from him. Nevertheless he was in a State of Distress who cannot take misfortune and ended up his life. The Commission also finds that he had not named anyone for his suicide. What angers me is that his so called friends,Brothers in Arms, Comrade's in the University failed to notice his Trouble,Pain,Anxiety and emotional Instability as symptoms of a "Troubled Man" and take him for Proper Medication. Instead these Junks  used the death of Rohit Vermula into a Political Platform and created havoc inviting Other Vultures to prey on the Dead Rohit. 

Worse to make it sensationalize the death, Caste card was played upon and soon Wake of Vultures right from Media to sundries. Now the Commission in its findings Observe that Rohit Vermula was never a Dalit and belonged to OBC. God knows how may such Farce Dalits enjoy the subsidies from the Government. Countering the Commission Rohit Brother says though their father is from Backward Class but they lived like Dalits... Does that make them a Dalit?

Recalling the Vultures who preyed on the Non-Dalit Rohit Vermula for their Own gains.....

Not long ago there was this  Rohit Vermula so called Dalit though he was not, found dead hanging. The Vultures  Rahul and Arvind Descended all over the place and feasted over the dead Rohit as though the cause of death was directly connected to Modi and his Government. Other smaller Vultures from the Media, Pseudo Secularist's, the self styled Left Liberals, NGO's latched on to whatever remains of the dead Rohit to make their Presence felt in the Media who had been long lost after 2014.

These Vultures Arvind and Rahul have an history of being Incompetent when it comes to their own episodes of treating Dalits or any deaths. 
  • During Una Protests against Dalit flogging Rahul was caught Sleeping, what thought to be a perfect Photo Op Rahul ended as a Moron
  • Rahul hugging the Mother of a Victim was later found to be a fake Mom.Later admitted by Hemang Vassavada of Congress that it was lanted MOM to make it visually appealing.
  • Rahul even snoozed in Parliament during a debate on Dalits
  • Arvind Kejriwal not be left behind follows Rahul very closely visiting Rohit, then Una and now in Delhi too.
  • AAP rally in Jantar Mantar where a Farmer committed suicide under the watch of Arvind yet he disowned to take moral reponsibility but today he shuttles across to feast on any death so he could take on Modi..  
The current feast on the Dead Veteran in Delhi by these 2 Vultures is so  Nauseating and only proves that these two have little sympathy for the dead except for scoring brownie point and take maximum mileage of the situation.

Both these Vultures have lost ground everywhere in their Politics and to hog limelight created chaos in the name of meeting the Victims family whereby populating their supporters to hail them as though they are the Guardians of the Ex-Servicemen accusing Modi of not implementing OROP resulting in the unfortunate suicide.

The above picture tells the story one look at Arvind and Rahul both sporting wide grin from one ear to another as though they have come to some kinda "Festive Gala" not a bit of sorrow on their face visiting the Victim's family.

Congress hypocrisy towards OROP is evident for the last 40 years while Arvind even questioned our Armed forces on the Surgical strike, so much so their Patriotism and respect for the Armed Forces and the Ex-Servicemen. 

Though the Defence Ministry clarified in the afternoon that the said reduced amount received by the dead Ex-Serviceman was due to the mis-calculation of the SBI bank both these Vultures refused to back down and their Narcissist show proved what kinda low life they are.  

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