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Aug 9, 2016

Is Home Minister Mollycoddling again with Separatists?


Government Mollycoddling with Separatists to Continue?. When many thought that the GOI has decided to crackdown on the funding and withdrawal of Security provided to the
Separatists there was a ray of hope to quell these PAK proxies. The Volte-face of Rajnath Singh after the all Party meet said the Issue had been Mis-Interpreted not only shocked but reveals the Inefficiency of the Home Ministry in succumbing to the Opposition Parties who opposed any move on the Govt Crack Down on the Separatists. Back to Square one the HMO has said that talks will be held with all "Stakeholders" of the Valley for normalcy while Separatists issued fresh calendar of "Protests" in shutting down the Valley. 

  1. At an average the Center gives close to 300 crores to the State for providing Security cover to the Separatists, includes Salary for 1000 "Security Guards" and 600 PSO's.
  2. Apart from the Center's contribution State spend additional 100-150 crores for the same, totaling close to 500 crores an annum to  keep these Proxies lead a Safe and Luxurious life.
  3. After UFA (Joint Declaration between India and PAK) recall the NSA talks sabotaged, many commoner thought it was ISI responsible but check this article from former R&AW RSN Singh's well researched "Hafiz and Hurriyat killed NSA talks"   expose the sinister game played by the Separatists, yet our Home Minister willing to entertain the Separatists.
  4. Conclusion :Rajnath Singh Volte-face viz-a-viz Separatists is due to the compulsion of "Unholy Alliance" with PDP or he is not cut up for the Job.

Govt Crack Down on the Separatists.  Modi after being briefed by the HMO since the Fiasco of "All Party Delegation" is all set to crackdown on the Separatists. Three Prong Strategy is likely to be adopted simultaneously.
  1. NIA is scrutinizing 17 accounts where transactions amounting to 40 crores has been Identified in South Kashmir Banks. Though it is reported that the Investigations are in the Preliminary stage ,yet  quite evident they have Zeroed on the Individuals who are either Small or Mid Level Business-men. All Withdrawals happened on the eve of any Protests. Money Deposited in the Gulf countries had no relationship with the Accounts they have deposited. Most of the "Withdrawals" happens within 48 hrs to avoid any Suspicion. NIA has so far Interrogated 5 Aides of Syed Ali Shah Geelani including his Son "Nayeem Geelani".
  2. Cut off all services rendered to these Hurriyat Leaders when on Foreign tours
    (Airtickets,Taxi's,Hotels) from the "Tax Payers Money" also GOI has written to the State Govt to withdraw the Security cover provided by the State wherein close to 1000 J&K Policemen are deployed to guard these 4-5 Separatists. However given the nature of "Mehbooba" too early to take a call whether she would listen to the GOI instructions! Also no New Passports or Renewal likely to happen, hampers their Globe tottering with Indian Tax payers Money.
  3.  Crackdown on the ground workers who work for these Separatists and Pakistan based Hizbul terror Module.The Intel Agency has passed on the Names and whereabouts of 400 Sub-Leaders who organize protests and unlawful assembly through Public address system from Mosques. These Ground workers/Conduits from Hizbul,  Tehreek-E-Hurriyat of Sayed Gilani, Jaamat-e-Islami who populate Kids for Stone Pelting also distributes money to them, these go-getters who are the conduits between Separatists & Stone Pelters are likely to be the first target for the GOI. HMO has given a stern message to the Mehboobha  that these 400 leaders need to be picked as early and be booked under PSA and lodged for a few months. 

By deploying the above the backbone of the Ground Workers can be broken and drying up of funds will have more disillusion within the "Stone Pelters" added to the Conduits being booked under "Terror Charge" will hamper their movement big time! NIA likely to take 2-3 months in plugging Finance route as it involves Foreign Nations Co-operation as well. In coming days things will unfold to give a clear picture on how the Center and State are genuine in their effort.

  • "Shameless Opposition Despite the snub by the separatists shameless Parties CPI(M) and Jd(U) in the All Party meet today wanted to repeal "AFSPA" completely and withdraw BSF Forces instead deploy CRPF? Why do they want to bat for the Separatists who are bent upon in creating havoc in the "Valley"? Only to score brownie points over the Govt. to square of the humiliations they received from the Terrorists. Also these Opposition insisted yet again to include all Separatists in any further talks which HMO has declined. Shameless creatures under the Garb of Political Parties dividing the country from within just because their hatred towards Modi led Govt. 
  •  "Separatists Slaps the All Delegation Peace Lovers? " Agenda>  (APD) led by HMO Rajnath Singh will visit the Valley? (For What) , as per communique any Member of Delegation can meet any leader of the Valley including Separatists? This will only strengthen Separatists, who are anything but Proxies of Separatists, It is as good as talking to Pakistan on the Valley Issue. This All Party Delegation is nothing but a Junket Trip unwarranted, Its time GOI puts its foot down to Isolate the Separatists rather than give them Legitimacy. CPI(M) and Congress innsist on including the "Hurriyat" for the meet!  Not to Forget Omar Abdullah clarion call on including the Separatists in the APD. Worse Mehbooba who when in Delhi gave a stern message that "No talks with Separatists" did a Volte-face before the eve and Wants Hurriyat to be included in the meet. This somersault in less than 48 hours is yet another revelation that "Mehbooba" cannot be trusted in the long run. She has written to all Separatists to be a Part of the meet with "All Party delegation" and being very Apologetic in asking for their Convenience in the time and Venue! What an Unholy alliance BJP-PDP.
  • When on One hand Modi Govt  other hand this gimmick by all Party meeting the Separatists smacks Logic.

Sitaram Yetchury,Raja&Sharad Yadav begging to be let in 

  • What happened on the September 4th when few Leaders who have no "Constituency"  in the Valley Sitaram Yetchury, SharadYadav, D.Raja and Assaduddin Owasis  broke ranks of the "APD" and went ahead to have one to one meet with the Hurriyat and the Hardliner Yasin Malik. They were meted out the Worst treatment despite being their Apologists. But First why do they ever wanted to meet? only to embarrass the GOI hoping Separatists would welcome them with Open hands and discuss their so called Strategy to quell the Unrest, instead they weren't even allowed inside and were made to beg .
  • Though the Flip flop of Mehbooba on this Issue, the snub these leaders recieved squares some embarrassment to the ruling PDP-BJP alliance. This Shame to these leaders give an edge to the GOI for a future course of Iron handed decision against these Proxies of Pakistan aka Separatists. 
  • What could be the possible reasons Separatists not meeting these Leaders who are worst critic of Modi, Only 2 Possible reasons could be drawn..1) Ever since Modi Internationalizing Baloch and POK there is a possibility Pakistan may have Instructed these Separatists to not to Indulge in talks so that the Kashmir is always put on the boil. 2) We all know the Separatists gets paid from both sides of the border by the respective Govt (Strategic decision by our Intel/Military), by denying an audience to these Leaders it has blunted the United Opposition (CPI(m), Congress,JDU) and cut them to sizes politically they cannot raise any uproar on the so called "Kashmir Unrest". Also Media which has been running a sustained campaign gets a Jolt,now they can blame no more the GOI not initiating talks with the Separatists for a possible Solution. If the 2nd reason happens to be the reason then it is a "Master Stroke" a covert political handling to quell all Apologists includes Media as well and give Legitimacy to any further GOI action on the Valley.  This is a blessing and Disguise Situation for the Modi led Government which can go ahead and do what is best for the Valley with these "Irritants" getting slapped and shamed so they dont ever open their dirty Gob again on the Valley!

  •  Hurriyat an all divided Islamist Secessionist ,who bestow the Idea of Separate Kashmir or its separation from the Union of India. Hurriyat is one big divided house each one wanted to lead the pack, Yasin Malik is the only known face of the "Hardliner" outside Hurriyat though now and then supports Its cause. The turf war between Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Sayeed  Geelani is taking the Hurriyat nowhere. Everyone in the Hurriyat takes Funds from Pakistan and acts as per their directives, Our Intelligence also keeps funding sometimes to make sure the Hurriyat House is always divided.
  • The Present Govt is not that firm with Hurriyat? Unrest in Kashmir (only about 3% of Kashmir) have been infested with Stone pelting and retaliation by CRPF. Mirwaiz call that PAK should be part of Dialogue process smacks logic and warrants a laugh. Meanwhile BSF has been deployed after 12 long years, a possible shift in strategy of the security forces in dealing with these Separatists. 4000 strong BSF deployed is a huge number and they arent like CRPF to restrain themselves, hope it would deter the Stone Pelters and Grenade hurlers.

  • How Media & Apologists sees "Terrorists". Indians are being fooled by the twist of terminology imposed upon us by the Media. Instead of calling  "Terrorist" new alternate names are coined like Separatists, Insurgents, Militants and Genius like Barkha gave a new dimension "Commander". 
  • Few districts ie less than 3% of whole of Jammu &Kashmir has become synonymous with Stone throwing, torching and looting the Police Station and Arms Depots, Hate Propaganda from the Mosques, Infiltration, Destruction and Deaths.Yet It gets reported as though the whole of J&K has come to a grinding halt, Objective to sensationalism for want of eyeballs. It finds support and Justification from the usual suspects likes the Barkha's ,Rahul Khanwal's, Chidambaram's and Abdullah's.

How GOI plans to resolve In the all Party meeting called by the Prime Minister  he declared Mass recruitment drive into the Armed Force giving employment to the youths of J&K.  < READ VACATE POK

After Modi call on recruitment drive many youths considering their family plight was more than willing to join the Force for regular Employment but  the replacement of dead Terrorist Burhan Wani the new (Commander in Barkha's Language) Zakir Rashid Bhat released a Video asking the Kashmir Youths not to join the Police or CRPF as it will damage the movement. 

2010 Cong & NC 2016 BJP & PDP

  • Deaths of Stone Pelters 120- 
  • Arms Used Oleorisn Grenades,Pepper balls, Stun Grenades, Electric shells and Pellet Guns totally 14 Less non Lethal Weapons used

  • Deaths of Stone Pelters - 60 Arms Used Oleorisn Grenades,Pepper balls, Stun Grenades, Electric shells and Pellet Guns totally 14 Less non Lethal Weapons used

  • P.Chidambaram > Pakistan Involvement in the Unrest is undisputable and PAK think  relying in Civilian Unrest will Pay  better dividends. Fully credit CRPF for doing their duty.... that was when he was the HomeMinister blames Pakistan
  • Refused to remove AFSPA stating it was an absolute Necessity.
  • PC=Will not budge to Greater Autonomy

  • Blames Centre and State for the Present Situation in the Valley.
  • PC now wants to revoke AFSPA
  • PC now "Grand Bargain" and a Larger Autonomy
  • PC now endorses aiding and abetting Pakistan Wishes

  • Omar Abdullah said the Stone Pelters exceeded all  limits testing the Patience of CRPF and Police
  • Opposed Removal of AFSPA even Partially
  • Constituted One Man Enquiry- with No Outcome
  • Omar Abdullah then an Aggressor 

  • Omar Now says CRPF and Police use excessive force on the Innocent Civilians (Not Stone Pelters)
  • Now he wants to Repeal AFSPA and No to "BSF"
  • Omar now a Mourner

                                                                   Pellet Guns, the Apologists vs CRPF
These Apologists have now taken "Pellet Guns" as a major Issue to question the MO of the Armed Force and the Government.
Not a day passes w/o NDTV running a debate/ article/tweets showing kids who have been Injured during riot control trying to populate voice against so called "Army Excessive force" time and again Barkha proves Her Love for PAK  < read.. below gives a better picture how NDTV and Barkha keeps the pot boiling by selective exaggerated reports conveniently leaving out not suited to their agenda. 
What dose not get ReportedWhat Gets Reported Everyday
Pellet Guns are used Only by CRPF and J&K PoliceDaily Debate on Kashmir Unrest.
Pellets are Less Lethal, Unlike other Countries which use Chemicals in their PelletsRegular Op-Ed on Poor Kashmiri Injured Youths
Pellet Guns are forced to Use when Stone throwers form as a Sheild to Grenade Hurlers.Viral Photo's of Injured Young One's.
Stone Pelting has become regular even when Flushing out Terrorist OpsMorphed Photo's from Syria,Palestine
No questions on why young kids are present during Riots?Never Discuss Funding of Stone Pelters
Why does Mosques propogates hate thru Public address system encouraging Stone PeltersWhy do Stone Pelters remain Poor but their PayMasters "Separatists" remain Rich forever
Why are not the Casualty and grevious Injuries to the Armed forces/CRPF/Police go unreportedWhy do Media does not question the Separatists Kith and Kin not in the Stone Pelting Gang

In response to a PIL filed in the J&K High Court against the use of "Pellet Guns" the CRPF put forth its view, one cant stop appreciating the CRPF stand on the Pellet Guns Issue,

  • CRPF in Its affidavit said categorically that it is very difficult to follow SOP (standard Operating Procedure) when "Stone Pelter's" shield Grenade hurlers.
  • Pellet Guns were Introduced in 2010 as an accepted Weapon of Riot control
  • Situation prevailing in the ground is dynamic and Mobile and it has every right for Self defence assault 
  • CRPF gave scathing comment stating "In Case if there is a likely withdrawal of Pellet Guns CRPF would have no recourse other than to Open Fire with Rifles.. hahaha the Lethal Weapon with an Instant Kill..  bravo CRPF.
  • An alternate to pellet guns are being considered by the GOI after a Committee headed  by Joint Secretary TVSN Prasad gave its recommendations to the HMO some of them are listed below.
  1. PAVA-(Pelargonic Acid Vanillyl Amide) - PAVA spray is an incapacitant spray from hand held canister, It Minimizes a person's capacity for resistance. Effects severe pain in the eyes causing closure and severe Pain. Flip side : However it was found it has no effect on People who are under the Influence of Alcohol and Drugs. Also the effect on a person is less than 10 minutes... Many Media rooting for this.
  2. Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) creates deafening noise .. thats it..
  3. Others on trial are Pepper balls,Capsicum Grenades,Rubber bullets...none of these will be a deterrent as per CRPF.
  4.  Israeli's use Skunk Weapon against Palestine crowds with ease using this Non toxic mist like yellow spray, Imagine the Worst most foul thing you have ever smelled, It leaves a Powerful Odor similar to Rot Sewage + Rotten Meat + Rotten Corpse all combined whatever it touched and to get rid of the stench it would take a minimum of three days. The Person who comes in touch will have nauseating effect persisting for days. 
The new Hizbul Commander "Riyaz Malik" warns Militants to stay away from the Valley, as they have planned for Large Scale attacks in coming days in a recent Video release. In the Short Video seen mocking the Indian Govt stating by Killing "Burhan Wani" think "they have brought peace into the Valley", also added "Hizbul will not allow India to live in peace and we would send the CRPF send packing in coffins Just like the recent killing of CRPF "Kumar". Also warns the Locals of any move to Join the Armed force (Center Initiated of Recruitment drive)

This threat is more a theatrics to keep the Hizbul alive and kicking which has been depleted in the last few years.  But then these kind short Videos now and then in Media Portals is  like a little "Cameo" to draw attention, Just like the "Burhan Wani" who was an Instant hit in the SM and MSM who hardly had any field training in Combat, dont even know to use the latest Assault rifle, leave alone begging the Army crying out aloud to spare his life, but then he was a Commander? for the "Barkha's who make hero out of a Coward.

Proxy War by the Pakistan 
The Proxy War by the Pakistan using the so called "Insurgents" aka "Terrorists is aimed at terrorizing the Kashmir people who have opted for Democracy. (Even NDTV carried a reported "Highest turnout in 25 years-2014 LS elections) smacks the very alternate view of Barkha types of "Whole of Kashmir Valley is at Unrest"

The PAK Proxy War is not about gaining any strategic advantage of  India's territory rather sole aim is Terrorizing the Locals, targeting the Moderate to convert into Radicals, extermination of Innocents (Pandits).

Pandits Extermination
Extermination of Pandits was a successful Ethnic Cleansing carried out systematically with Farook Abdullah who turned mute & deaf to the systematic Mass killings of Pandits by JKLF and other Islamists groups. It was a "Hindu Holocaust"   

No prizes for guessing it was the same Farooq Abdullah the founder member of JKLF "Terrorist Organisation" and today he lectures on Democracy and Inclusive Politics. Omar instead of dousing the fire keeps whipping up the passion in the valley ably supported by the NDTV kind media.

The Apologist's of "Kashmir Unrest" will never recall the Past!, since many would have been a guest of Honor in every "FAI" (conclave). Recently  ISI 100cr funding Program (Intercepted by IB) to further fuel the crisis has been established wonder if any Media is also involved > Read > Media and Separatists .. ( check out on Separatists Hypocrisy)

Watch how Kashmiri youth exposes Geelani

  • Northern Command Chief D.S.Hooda says that there is too little options for the CRPF to use any other weapon other than Pellet Guns followed by CRPF putting its foot down and says that "Pellet Guns" is a necessity 
    to protect the Innocents and the forces as well. True be it Army/CRPF/Police their lives are too important than the so called "Mis-Guided" youths.
  • In fact wish they use much more Lethal weapons so that India does not have to fight the next Generation of Terrorist.
Prime Minister Modi has once again reached out to the J&K passionately appealed that every Indian loves Kashimir and its people. Reached out to the Stone Pelters to take Books, Laptops,Volleyball,Cricket bats instead of clutching to the stones. 

PM also says the Govt would reach out but not at the Cost of National Security.. 

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