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Nov 14, 2016

Demonetization Effect Manmohan Singh rediscovers his Speech Sense.


"Monumental failure" those were the words from the former Prime Minister headed the UPA for 10 long years, remarks in the Rajya Sabha was against the poor implementation of the #Demonetization and probable aftermath that may hit the country's GDP growth by 2% (and not the GDP). No sooner had he finished Congress Spokie's were swarming all over the Channels with standard "Prelude" that MMS one of the finest Economist renowned and acknowledged all across the globe and went on with the usual blah blah that the Farming and small business will take a hit, Manmohan Singh also came up with the statement "those who say Demonetization is good in the long run should recall the quote 'In the long run we are all dead'" .

 Manmohan Singh who was so mute for 10 long years does he even know what transpired
in his tenure?

  1. Demonetization simple understanding is Money exchange and not cash ban unless people are hoarding Black Money, Is Mr Manmohan Singh aware of it?
  2. Manmohan Singh should understand that he himself was demonetized by the Pseudo Gandhi family within Congress and height of it is MMS comes against Demonetization.
  3. MMS will be remembered as one of the Worst PM who destroyed the Indian economy while looters were having a ball right under his nose.
  4. The Accidental Prime Minister "Manmohan Singh " now shows concern's on Poor Man was a mere Puppet of Sonia Gandhi while Scam after Scam was silently witnessed by the Mute.
All one could say is the #Demonetization effect has made Manmohan Singh to re-discover's his Speech sense..

Congess TMC AAP
Usually Missing Rahul for weeks
who does not draw crowds is out fishing for the crowd to get Photo OP,, such a Pathetic Politician, 
 Congress other Scams

National Herald Scam 2000 Crs
2G, 3G,Augusta,Rmbraer and many more.
Worse Sex Scandal fame Abhishek Abhisinghvi gave a bizzare explanation to the Tax Authorities that his Tax Vouchers were eaten by "Termites"
Mamata who is yet not  out of the woods in $200 bn Saradha Scam, 14 lakhs Customers duped almost all from the lower strata of the Society resulting in more than 150 suicide deaths The so called Anti Corruption 
crusader Arvind Kejriwal 
whose MLA been caught with 130cr unaccounted money are all out on the streets

Just for Laugh when Actress turned Congress Leader who went out to create chaos in a Market was at the receiving end, The same happened to Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal too . Leave alone any polls/surveys which can be disputed but these Videos which went viral only shows most Indians had enough of these so called Crusaders in the garb of fighting for them wanted change and they dont mind going through tough time for the sake of the country.

Benefits of Demonetization
  1. Cleans up the Black Money,
  2. Surge Bank Deposits, 
  3. Reduce Inflation , 
  4. End to Terror Funding, End to Fake currency
  5. Sharp revival of GDP after initial hick-ups
  6. Sharp fall in Inflation
  7. Deficit will see a huge windfall
  8. Rupee gaining strength,
  9. 7 to 8 lakhs of unaccounted will get into the Banking system which will be a big boost to the Banking Sector
  10. Drop in Interest rates, 
  11. Equity is expected to benefit. 

In short term the People may have to put up with little hardship keeping in mind the Interest of the Nation. Modi had made an emotional appeal to the Indians to bear with his decision for just 50 days, think by and Large the common people have welcomed this decision and ready to go through the grind for the Nation. Maybe there will be less spending for few months and may hit the GDP.

There are three Categories of People who have unaccounted funds apart from the honest tax payers who do not have to worry except the initial hardship.

Category 1: People who have unaccounted large chunk may not even try to change their dirty money and it would be a mere paper worthless after the expiry date.
Category 2 : Those with Unaccounted money who declare it will have to forego 70% (approx) as penalty and tax to the Govt.
Category 3 : Those who will try to launder their money will have to take large risk of prosecution and Penalties and there arent much loop holes to bring back their laundered money into the system.

Social Reform Economic Reform Defence & Security
Swachh Bharat- Clean India
Campaign for building Toilets
Make In India-Boost in Manufacturing Investment
Leap in R&D and Productivity
Rafael-Deal - Read> Strengthening Air force

Jana Dhana Yojna - Financial Inclusion NITI Ayog-End to Policy Paralysis FDI in Defence Sector with Govt to Govt Deals
Improved Aadhar Implementation- Direct Benefit Transfer FDI-Investments in Railways,Infra ..Smart Cities Read > Advanced Landing Grounds in North East - 
Improved MGNREGA-Plugging the Leakage of Subsidies  Foreign Policy-Put on Fast track for Ease of doing business Surgical Strike in Myanmar against NSCN-K
Ujjawal Yojna-3 yrs subsidized LPG for BPL (next 3 years) GST - Uniform Tax Structure Read Raking Balochistan,GB - 
Surgical Strike in POK
Internationalizing Support for Balochistan

Suraksha Bhima Yojna-Insurance against accidental death Mudra Yojna - Financial Support to Micro Enterprises Sector Read Kashmir Outreach
Jan Dan Yojna - Medical Insurance  and many more - https://goo.gl/HozQo4 Surgical Strike on Black Money Read LEMOA pact - 
Pragmatic Modi has given his best shot across all segments to "Make India" a better place to live, Its upto the people to put up with little Inconvenience if any for the larger Interest of the Nation,

Where were you "My Man" MODI for all these years, had we discovered you long back India would have long reached greater heights today.. Better Late than never.. We only wish and pray you continue your crusade for the betterment of the Country

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  1. Wow! Very nice piece of information on corrupt Politicians who are crying internally and outwardly act as lion out of den. All corrupt Politicians, Anti-Nationals media channels, corrupt businesses and black money should die miserable.