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Aug 25, 2016

Scorpene,SC of NSW asks Australian daily to handover all Data to DCNS

DCNS which  had Obtained temporary Restraint Orders against the Australian Daily for publishing any further Documents, got a shot in the Arm as the Supreme Court of New South Wales has asked the Daily to hand-over all leaked published and un-published documents to DCNS.
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Why India Choose Scorpene > In 1999 despite US pressure on PAK to go for their Power Diesel Subs PAK choose "Agosta" of France thereby becoming the 1st Asian country to have a Sub capable of launching from under water. It was in 2003 both France and US were fighting tooth and nail to clinch India's deal for the Submarine. US offered Power Diesel Subs and France offered Nuclear Powered Subs. The Scorpene a Generation ahead of Agostas with too many tactical advantage over Agostas was too good to counter Pakistan "Agostas". US was absolutely cut up having lost the deal even with "All Weather Friend" Ally PAK and India one of the Largest spender in the Arms.

India under UPA I Signed the Scorpene deal with France purchasing 6 Subs with Technology Transfer and to be built in the Mazagon Docks in Mumbai.UPA at helm as expected the Project was delayed and lagging behind for 4 years Just to Inflate the Project Cost for a Kickback. Bribes and Kickback's was the order of the Congress in any Defence deal and Scorpene was yet another one. Bribery amounting 1,100 cr to the Decision makers in Congress alleged to have been paid through "Abhishek Verma" who had been accused in Naval War Room Leaks and many other Scandals, As usual the CBI under UPA conveniently could not find any evidence, Just like Bofors.

Espionage /Corporate Espionage is one of the Oldest Profession and it is  dynamic and never ending Ops happens in every Country. US recently May 2016 found Edward Lin their Navy Officer for selling sensitive Info to Taiwan and China,China Stealing F-22 and F-35 to Mirror J-20 and J-31 respectively. back home we had Naval War room leaks, Corporate Espionage we had Essar in the recent news, Stratfor used Shekhar Gupta to Pass Info to DOW Chemicals, Wall Mart was in the News for Corporate Espionage. This Scorpene Leak maybe, maybe not comes under both Category, either the leaks to Adversary Govts like China,PAK which would eventually make Indias Kalveri 1st Of Scorpene class vulnerable to counter measures. If it is an Corporate Espionage maybe the damage is less until all details that are out deciphered and connected to can be assessed to know the amount of damage that the leak has caused.In this case an ex French Naval Officer who was also a Sub-Contractor to DCNS is being suspected to be the source of Leak.

The Leak  that was scooped by Cameron Stewart confirms the Data has not Originated from India as none of the Indian Secured Servers had these Info.. ie these data's were written in 2011 by DCNS blessing and disguise since UPA lagged 4 years on the Project, It really started building the 1st Sub in 2009. To summarize probably 2 yrs data (2009-2011) is what India must be worried, Defence Minister rightly asked for 2 to 3 days to study and analyse the Impact of the Leaks, One comforting factor for India is ever since 2011 there were 400 Churning's on  all sensitive Parts and Components.

Why this Fiasco. Too many Contractors and Sub Contractors were involved with DCNS, some Instance few Contractors fought left the DCNS and rejoined again, that was when US in 2014 warned France and India that DCNS is incapable of handling Sensitive Info! Many thought it was "Sour Grapes" kinda US which lost to DCNS everywhere in supplying Submarines.

This is a Lesson to India especially "Make In India" where private entities are involved in Manufacturing Defence equipments, wherein chance of Info flowing out is very high.Leaks reveals Stealth Capabilities, Intelligence Gathering abilities,Relating to Sub's Diving, Noise,Cavitation Data, Mobility and Maneuvering, Sonar, Combat, Torpedo Weapon System and Landing Platform Dock. 

The above you need team of experts to analyse if there were any Churning's /Complete Overhaul done on each of the mentioned ever since the leak to assess and make necessary changes if it warrants. Hope this leak do not cost much.

Meanwhile Verbal Diarrhea "Randeep Surjeewala" hit out on our Navy and the Defence Minister for Covering up the leak, Duffer forgot the 1,100 cr bribery, 4 year delay in the Project above all leaked in 2011. Congress another Self Goal!

Reports So Far Out of the above 10 highlighted concerns, Navy has started an Internal Audit which is Underway and the Investigations to assess the damage which started on Tuesday (23rd Aug) has found the following so far, 

  • The Leaks were not from the Indian side and it wasnt hacked either, It was stolen from DCNS France possibly between 2011 to 2013.
  • DCNS claims that the leaked documents are not classified (ie) It relates only to Operational Procedures of the Sub. which are anyway available at ease since it isn't a "Classified Document" 
  • Leak is Hypothetical, Pertaining to Simulators (Navigation Safety, Periscope Operations, Combat Systems, and Sensors) Navy says the Simulators and Signatures of the Sub can be found only when it hits the Sea.
  • The Specifics of the leaked documents wrt Simulators/Signatures is Generic.
  • As each Submarine has a unique Signature  that is known only when it hit the seas.
  • Since the Indian Subs have not had "Sea Trials" the most important Signature and Simulators does not form the part of the documents. 
  • The Available Information is being examined at the Integrated HQ of the Navy and analysis is being done 24x7 by team of Specialists.
  • Navy has also confirmed with so far "Leaked data" does not pose any Security Compromise. 

Usual Suspects > Japan,Germany,US ..Japan lost to DCNS in the recently concluded Australian deal and they even protested to OZ that they got RAW deal on the Project, this leak was first given to one of the SE Asian country and found its way to Australia. Probably Austalia may have a second look at the signed deal, already as a backup OZ Naval team has left to Japan.US which was always at loggerheads with France when it comes to Defence Deal could have also Orchestrated the Leaks. No better way to discredit France.

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