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Aug 5, 2016

Recap Samjhauta Express Swami Aseemanand gets bail

Samjhauta Express blasts in 2007

NIA and Home Ministry headed by P.Chidambaram owes an Explanation
  • Samjhauta Express blasts in 2007 a cowardly act which claimed close to 70 people 
  • Till 2011 NIA was not able to arrest any one for 4 yrs they were chasing Ghosts despite US Intel (read next Para)
  • Then nowhere from blue Abinav Bharat was under the scanner and NIA started chasing the Sangh Parivar splinter groups trying to connect it to RSS.
  • NIA then  claimed to have a breakthrough in arresting the Main suspect Kamal Chouhan.
  •  As per NIA Chouhan could provide them with the details of the other absconding suspects Ashok, Sandeep and Ramachandra who are at large.
But one needs to understand the background of the blasts is that it happened on the eve of Pakistan Minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri visit to New Delhi on the proposed peace talk. Lashkar-e-Taiba was long Opposing this Peace talk and threatened of dire consequence if it was  initiated. US Intel reported that one Arif Qasmani of LeT was involved.

With so much at stake on National Security and all fingers pointing to LeT of PAK , time the NIA and the Home ministry are duty bound to explain to the Nation  the following..
  1. What happened to the arrest of Safdar Nagori pertaining to the blast?
  2.  His Narco Analys which proved that he was directly involved in the Bombing!
  3. ATS Haryana which had all the proof indicating SIMI  Safdar for the terror Act!
  4. Why did HM share all the Vital Info to Rehman Malik of PAK
  5. Why did Indian Govt shared even to the UN on the Involvement of SIMI but backtracked back home?
  6. What evidence made them to change the course of Investigation.
The larger question on the claims of breakthrough during every crucial Polls makes the Govt to be under scanner.

Confused UPA and NIA 
In other Words as per Govt the Blast was the  work of both SIMI and Sangh together which defies logic. If the Govt is certain it was done by Sangh then it contradicts its earlier findings. So do we take the Govt inefficiency in handling Terror Investigation. If Sangh is responsible why hold the Innocent Safdor Nagori languishing in Jail, 

Samjhauta Express Probe. Congress has to either eat back its word on the Investigation are else they have lot of raps in coming from the Supreme court.

High time Congress do not mix Religion with Politics. Congress Leaders many who have succumbed to terrorism has not learned its lessons. For the sake of Nation stop your Patronage with any of the Mentioned Terror groups.

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  1. I can understand ,what are you arriving at..When it comes to national security and national interests ,politics must not get priority.
    But,fact is ,India is living only by politics,irrespective of national interests

    1. Very true Sir, It applies to all Mainstream Political Parties which has affiliation to 1 or 2 fringe extreme groups.. like Abhinav Bharath when it comes to BJP.