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Aug 5, 2016

Kokrajhar attacks


Suspected Militant involved in the Kokrajhar attack Identified as Bodoland Bora nabbed after a tip off by Joint operations of Army and Police. Found with 7,65 pistol and few rounds ammunitions. First breakthrough

National Democratic Front of Bodoland (Songbijit) faction a designated terrorist group mostly Christians seeking secession from India has struck a Soft target in the Assam "Kokrajhar" district as per Initial reports. 

Unconfirmed reports suggest between 3-8 came in an Auto and Indiscriminately started firing crowded market killing a dozen and critically injuring 18. 

Irony is that majority of the Killed belong to the Bodo community. NDFB (S)  dastardly act on its own community will further dent their recruiting efforts.

(There was another Intel which stated that Jamaat-Ul-Mujahideen (Bangladesh) about 5-8 people have crossed over to India last month. Possibility that JMB module is also in the scanner with respect to this attack.)

However the latest reports from Assam DGP confirms its the handiwork of NDFB(S) which has its base inside Myanmar. The numbers in NDFB(S) in 2014 was close to 40 which has now effectively reduced to less than 20 with precise killing and elimination. All key figures Biday, Mushahary and Songbijit are holed up in difficult terrain for the Myanmar Army to flush them out.

Army was quick to be in the spot within 10 minutes resulting in lesser casualties. One terrorist killed in the ensuing exchange of fire has been Identified as Manjay Islari , commander of the NDBF (S). Hunt is on for the others...

Recall Surgical strike in Myanmar (June 2015) with Crack team of  70 (21 Para Commando) did a surgical strike well inside Myanmar which eliminated close to 40 (NSCN-K) and (KYKL) terrorists.

Is the Army waiting for the Cutting edge Intel for another surgical strike inside Myanmar ? hope that is what in store with guarded response from the State and the Centre.

It is a Jolt to the State and the Centre when Peace was returning to Assam.Intel sources claim it may be a strike against liquidating one of the NDBH(S) killed last Month.

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