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Aug 13, 2016

India for the 1st time raked Balochistan Oppression by Pakistan in UN.

In no hold barred Offense close to the heels of G20 India blows away Pakistan in the UN and for the 1st time raking up Balochistan. India accused Pakistan of Human Right Violence in Baloch and Killing its own people through Air Strikes and giving asylum to UN designated terrorists.

G20. in no un-measurable terms, Modi not holding back his words hits Out at Pakistan without naming  stating "One Nation Spreading Terrorism" , again during the informal "BRICS" meet in the sidelines of G20 stressed the "Terror Financing" from certain quarters and those who support Terrorism needs to be Isolated. 

India hit backs at Pakistan to Vacate POK, close all Its terror shops and demanded the cessation of Cross-border terrorism.  This comes close to the heels after Modi declared unflinching support before International diplomat's on Balochistan,Gilgit and POK in the RED FORT on Aug 15th.

In yet another Assault on Pakistan, Modi (August 24) has invoked yet another strategy which sure would irk Pakistan big-time. Modi Govt has announced compensation to the Civilian Victims of terror in the POK. Modi has drawn big plan budget of 2000 crore for the displaced POK people affected by Pakistan Oppression/.  Bold move directly indicting that POK is an occupied territory by the Pakistan. Reactions from Pakistan are awaited, one thing sure Modi going big time on POK and Balochistan.

Burhan Wani killing subsequent glorifying the terrorist by Our Media and the Separatists , PAK trying to Internationalize Kashmir Unrest, POK election rigging.Pakistan which was trying hard to Internationalize #Kashmir Issue ably supported by our Media has suddenly found itself at the receiving end. India had enough of it when Prime Minister Modi blasted Pakistan in the All-Party meeting and wanted the following to be done to take it up with International Community. 

Look at how Pakistan controls POK "Pakistan Occupied Kashmir" when its own Supreme Court made a Scathing Observation on how people of POK treated. Pakistan doing in POK is Just following their Mentor Chinese did to Tibet.

No Right of Equality to LAW No Right to Reside and Move FreelyNo Right to Assemble Freely 
No Right to VoteNo Right to Choose their RepresentativesNo Right to Form Political Party
No FOS/FOENo Right to Habeas Corpus & against Illegal detentionNo Right to Acquire Property
No Right to hold or Dispose PropertyNo Access to Appellate CourtsAnd On and On and On
For Decades Pak oppression in POK continues despite the above Observations but then Just compare with our "Jammu and Kashmir" and look at 100% difference in we treating Kashmir! Apologists of Pakistan are blinded to see the reality.. Instead of applauding India for being such Democratic Country they mud sling ourGovernment.. 

  GIST of ALL Party Meeting 
India Will not tolerate anymore of Pakistan Interference in India's Internal affairsTectonic Shift from UPA stand viz-av-z Pakistan
Applauded Security Forces showing Utmost Restraint in dealing with the Situation Violence,Terrorism and Anti India activity (Within) would be dealt Sternly
India will expose Pakistan atrocities in BalochistanUnlike Infamous Sharm-el-Sheik of MMS
Oppression of Pakistan on POKMEA to collate data from all ex-pat of POK ,Baloch living elsewhere in the World to expose Pakistan to the World.
Internationalize POK and BalochistanThough Special Commitee is formed to find an Alternate of Using "Pellet Guns" but Security Implications will be given much Importance than Collateral damage
Mass recruitment drive into the Armed Force giving employment to the youths of J&KCenter ready to address the grievances of the Kashmir people but not at the cost of India's Security.

Modi Initiative in taking up Balochistan and POK have come at the right time. 

Unlike the Infamous "Sharm-el-Sheik" by Manmohan Singh, Modi In less than 3 Weeks  hitting Pakistan as many as three times drawing International Support as Well. read > Bangladesh Supports Modi's call on Balochistan

Balochistan which has been demanding Autonomy,Increased royalties and Independent Nationa State. They are fighting on almost all 3 sides Iran in the West ,Pakistan in the East and Taliban & Al-qaeda in the Northwest bordering Afghanistan.

The recent string of Terror attacks in the Quetta has once again made it to the International headlines and that is what Pakistan,Iran and China does not want..  read an excellent analysis by Balochistan: Greater Realism In China & Iran By B. Raman (2011)


  One of the Many Chilling Video of eliminating the young Balochistans by the PAK army. conveniently Ignored by the Bharka's and Rahul Khanwal types who keep damning our Armed forces time and again who have been so restricted unlike the PAK Army.. These PAK apologists are a bane to our Country. No wonder so much hate against the types of Barkha;s and the other news traders.

Extermination in Balochistan and Mass Exodus

  • More than 2 Lakh people have been forced migrated to various parts of the World.
  • As many as 50,000 have disappeared (probably all dead)
  • Religious Extremism supported by ISI external "Terror groups" targeting Hindus,Shias Zikris and Punjabis are systematically eliminated.
  • Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and ISI simply follow Pickup Kill and dump the religious Minorities. 
  • Quetta home to Hazara's are at the receiving end now with brutality exceeding all limits, Hazara International Network has welcomed Modi stand in supporting Balochistan.
International Community have started seeing Pakistan as a terrorist State. After blocking F-16 deals and $300bn aid by US, Pakistan has to solely depend on China's deep Pocket.

The last thing Pakistan,China,wanted is to have any ramification if the World takes a note on sustained extermination of Balochistan people and Oppression in POK. 

Read > Why Internationalizing the Baloch & POK Issue would Impact Chinese

Despite criticism on Pakistan Policy  finally looks like gloves are off, will the present govt shift in stance will rein in Pakistan? Only time will answer this change in stance,,.

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