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Aug 9, 2016

Irom Sharmila not that Iron Lady > Fled to Kodaikanal fearing ASUK


2015 Babloo Loitongbam the Director of NGO "Alert Manipur" along with usual suspects like Udhayakumar (Kudankulam), Medha Patkar and many more held a conclave of NGO's who were thriving from the foreign funds condemned the IB reports and the subsequent crackdown of large numbers of them with stricter act. Most of these Activists gets funded under "Human Right Activists" by Amnesty International who sides with every Terror/Separatists groups to keep faning trouble anywhere expcept Britain. Amnesty is an external Arm of MI5.. 
Irom Sharmila

Babloo is a frontman for Irom Sharmila who had been on Fast! for 16 years for revoking AFSPA, Good no govt Irrespective at the Centre paid heed to her except few TV Channels once in a while do an half hour program.

Calling off the Fast may have surprised her family, associate, and Amnesty International which keeps funding the Secessionist groups under the garb of "Human Rights". One can recall "Khalistan" group were also funded and supported by "Amnesty International". There were always rumor's the funds were diverted to ASUK and other 20 odd terror groups which were seeking Autonomy from India.

Irom Sharmila was said to be fronting this drama for ASUK ( Alliance for Socialist Unity Kangleipak ) a radical secessionist movement seeking secession from India...Isnt it very similar to Kashmiri Separatists?.. the only difference here is Sharmila under the garb of Gandhism was catching the World's eyeball.

It is a One way traffic anyone leaving ASUK..many former members were liquidated after they moved away from the cause? to Public life.All those who Joined Politics do know that it was a dead end anyway.

ASUK has threatened Sharmila of dire consequence if she calls off her Fast and more if she pursue's her Political d ream, or even getting married to her long time Boyfriend Desmond Coutinho, Joining ASUK 3 more such groups have Issued warnings.

On her Advice to Prime Minister Irom Sharmila wanted PM to connect with People without "Draconian" LAW must have meant "AFSPA and probably NGO restriction for unlimited receiving of Foreign funds (probably she meant that!). Also she wants Kashmiri's right to self determine their future..Proves she still has the hangover of Secessionism,

Just cant stop laughing at the drama shown on News that she would like to become the next CM of Manipur..Another Kejriwal in the making?

It beats all Logic for a Lady who despised India,Its Democracy,Its Army, and even an Identity of being Indian. She rejected PAN card, Bank account,Voter Id to prove her citizenship but now overnight wanted to be a part of democracy and that too as the next CM.. It can happen only in India where theatrics get large attention and become CM in no quick time. Sharmila is taking a leaf out of Arvind maybe a wise move maybe not. 

SInce she has let her ambitions of becoming CM realizing there arent any documents to suggest her citizenship (else she cannot contest Polls), she has expressed her express desire to acquire all in double quick time. Enrouteonly exposed her drama that she carried on for 16 years with more than 3 Secessionist groups backing her to the hilt along with her Controversial Fiance "Desmond Coutinho" a British Citizen.

In coming Days all TV channels would be out there in Manipur..trying to brand Sharmila as some sort of Messiah to save Manipur.. Wouldnt be surprised If she succeeds too, only strengthen's the democracy.

India has the Last Laugh in breaking the so called "Activists" to repeal AFSPA, who are out there to protect the sovereign territory of Manipur from the Radical Secessionist. 

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