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Aug 20, 2016

Rahul Gandhi "Kissan Yatra" leaving UP Voters more Confused. Soft Hindutva?

Uncovering Rahul Gandhi in his 2500 km "Kissan Yatra" brain child of much hyped Prashanth Kishore..

Rahul was prepped up (err wrongly) did double somersault on his "RSS" comments inside and outside the Court, giving him a perfect yet another "Launch" for a Successful? UP campaign...though it ended in disaster making a Joke on himself.. 

Latest Gem from Rahul Gandhi during his "Kissan Yatra" was out of the World comment on Modi, the usual barb "Suit Boot" missing but these are hilarious one's early days in the Yathra already Rahul Gandhi revealing his Stupidity and Ignorance, threby ensuring no one is going to take him Seriously
  • "Narendra Modi has never taken Selfie with farmers" - hence anti farmers
  • "Modi doesn't take selfie with farmers coz that would dirty his clothes - hence Anti Poor.
  • We want to give ATM's to the poor..- Is he acting like a stupid or is he born that way?
  • Elephant has eaten all Money and Cycle is Standing Punctured..
Much hyped Prashanth Kishore Strategy Includes Soft Hidutva 

  1. Team of Spokesperson Stationed at every Location exclusively to brief Media on the daily success of the RG Yatra
  2. More Temple Visits, recall A.K Antony x+1 reports on the Congress failure since 2014, that the Party's stand on Appeasing Minority had costed the Majority votes, yep shift in Congress stance as Sonia and Rahul in the last 2 months have visited Temples more than the AICC HQ.
  3. Roadshows,Interaction with Farmers, Open house Session, One to One meet,Short meetings with Students,Women,Labourers instead of lengthy Public meet which is not the strength of Rahul Gandhi.

  • 2012 Rahul Strategy in UP was an Angry youngster (typical movie style) speech lacked conviction and the perception the crowd gets is that this "Guy" is not serious. 
  •  Appeasement Politics also backfired big time.

Coming to the Present "Kissan Yatra" the day started wiith high drama, Crowds Outsourced had to wait for hours for the Prince to show up for the "Cot" meet which ended in Chaotic scenes.
The Cartoon from the Hindu and the Caption from the Indian Express explains all. This Khaat (Cot) Sabhas is a copy cat of Modi's "Chai par Charcha" only difference is the quality of Speech delivered by Rahul Gandhi was far below than his own set standard. Talking to Farmers on ED failure wrt "Mallaya" just like his lessons to "Dalits" on "Jupiter Escape Velocity".  As expected blamed Modi for neglecting the "Farmers" clad in White Kurta had Tea in one of the Dalits house and had Corn on the roadside, that was awe moment for the Congress on his simpleton. The next 2 days none of the Media even bothered to cover his meetings, until
he visited "Hanuman temple" as a symbolic gesture to woo the "Brahmins" vote, some of his aides had asked the Priests to Perform special Pooja so that "Rahul" would be the next PM!  Happen to read an FB post of "Mahatma Gandhi great Grandson 'Shri krishna Kulkarni's' open letter to Rahul Gandhi" sharing it below In effect it proves "Rahul Gandhi" is a by-product of Muslim-Christianity. All these Temple visits is not to wash away their Past Sins, yet another gimmick to get into the good books of the "Majority...   

Congress Filled with Duffers
  1. Confusion
  2. Stupidity
  3. Moronic
  4. Hypocrisy
  5. Appeasement

Confusion Jairam Ramesh ,Digvijaya Singh, Manish Tiwari and G.Parameshwara carried different Opinions for one Single news. Keeping in tradition of congress on how divided and confused lot they are.

**** Duffer Manish Tewari    found tweeting with fake Mani Shankar Iyer Twitter HANDLE-===>

Stupidity  AK Antony went on in length to talk about the Infighting within Kerala Congress only to realize that he was talking about his own Party   but WB Congress walked all over AK Antony in the "Stupidity" by tweeting in less than 140 characters on accepting Rajiv Gandhi ( Somersault player himself -  Shah Bano) was responsible for 3000 odd Sikh Genocide.

Morons Diggy &s Rahul.... Diggy as usual thought he did give his best in talking about Archaic "British Law" forgetting Congress ruled for most of the Decades after Independence..

Rahul Prayed for Modiji in Sanskrit on Ignorance and bettered that to understand more he translated it to English and read it again. He may soon come out with another Sanskrit Sloga to remove his own Stupidity and make sure he translates that to understand them better. 

Hypocrite P.Chidmbaram well explained in the table above.

Appeasement Salman Khursheed (Batla terror Sympathizer) and Kapil Sibal Cheer leader of Teesta Setalvad. Both came in support of Pakistan unequivocally and condemning the Prime Minister for raking up Balochistan and said PM has to face Consequences! 

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