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Aug 16, 2016

Baloch leader #Naela Quadri hails PM Narendra Modi, says freedom struggle intensified after he raised issue

This is a follow up Post on Why Modi trying to Internationalize Balochistan, Gilgit and Baltistan (GB) to comprehend request you to read >> Balochistan &GB Opression by PAK

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Did India Initiate CIT X?
Why Modi Supports Balochistan?
Modi on POK (GB)
China Worried and Warns India 

In no hold barred Offense close to the heels of G20 India blows away Pakistan at the UN and for the 1st time raking up Balochistan. India accused Pakistan of Human Right Violence in Baloch and Killing its own people through Air Strikes and giving asylum to UN designated terrorists. India also made it clear in no uncertain terms that it would support Balochistan until the "Human Rights Violations" by Pakistan stops.
In May 2015  Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said " ‘You have to neutralize terrorist through terrorist only,’  followed by another in June 2015 said " Some former PMs compromised 'deep assets' June 2015 said " Some former PMs compromised 'deep assets',"  

The above comments are no off-the-cuff-remarks,,He was probably referring to the discarded CIT X operational till Vajpayee govt... Below in the table is Just few lines of accidentally fell into Public domain though it was declassified later.

In a Span of One Week Baloch Supporters across have Organised Protests ever since the News (Aug 23) that India may set up "Baloch Cell" to counter PAK&China. Protests from Leipzig,London,Afghan,Sindh and Balochistan as well. It did really caught International attention,Last thing Pakistan and China wanted. Also speculation rife that MQM leader Altaf Hussain of  Pakistan is working overtime fighting against Pakistan Govt. Likely crackdown by the Pakistan is on the cards on the MQM Party.
What is CIT  X Objectives
Counter Intelligence team   Assigned to conduct subversive Operations targeting Pakistan code name "Summer Offensive"
Long Stay Agents Circumcised for Missions in Pakistan Relentlessly work to destabilize Pakistan works closely with Mossads and CIA
Saboteurs trained in Explosives Help Anti PAK groups in Baloch,FATA,Sindh and in hinterland of Pakistan
Congress though Objecting India's Interference with Pakistan Internal affairs aka Balochistan via Salman Khan types. Modi sure not to follow embarrassing foolhardiness of Man Mohan Singh  Sharm-el-Sheik? MMS BlunderDiscarded CIT X,  gave Pakistan free hand in needling India via Kashmir, Bangladesh, and other States as well.

Why Modi supports Balochistan?.   

Extermination in Balochistan and Mass Exodus
  • 1200 unclaimed bodies recovered in Balochistan  << read full in UC News.
  • More than 2 Lakh people have been forced migrated to various parts of the World.
  • As many as 50,000 have disappeared (probably all dead)
  • Religious Extremism supported by ISI external "Terror groups" targeting Hindus,Shias, Zikris and Punjabis are systematically eliminated.
  • Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and ISI simply follow Pickup Kill and dump the religious Minorities. 
  • Quetta home to Hazara's are at the receiving end now with brutality exceeding all limits, Hazara International Network has welcomed Modi stand in supporting Balochistan.
  • Ever Since Modi has raised his pitch for Balochistan there is a systematic attacks carried out on the Baloch People attacked or abducted.
  • Full Scale crackdown has begun on the civilian Baloch and Political activist as a part of quelling any dissent
  • Pakistan has gifted 2000 acres of land to China for the Gwadar port under OBOR (One Belt one road) under  CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Cooperation). The Gwadar port if fully completed poses a threat to India's Own backyard keeping in mind there is a trust deficit between India and China, transgression and not to forget 1962 war. 
  • Knowing China well Gwadar Port will be fully militarized by China than for any trade benefits.
  • The On going Balochistan struggle against their land being forcibly taken away by Pakistan and being gifted to China found Savior in the form of Modi who  made unflinching support for the Baloch.. 
  • Its a double whammy for PAK & China .. On one hand it strengthens the Balochistan Struggle against Pak oppression and on the other hand the project OBOR would get delayed.
  • And more so the message to International Community is made to take note of Balochistan and its being Oppressed
At the recent concluded Beijing forum held in Islamabad, US and Japan did raise objections over CPEC and raised forcibly acquiring land for the OBOR project and backing India's concern.

OBOR project site manned by Chinese soldiers in last 2 months 25 died in various bomb blasts purportedly executed by SRP (Sindhudesh Revolutionary Party) of Baloch ...Is CIT X initiated?

Since then China has promised 10000 troops to protect OBOR from any Sabotage by adverse Nation (though not naming India) to ensure smooth progress on the Project.

India on the other hand keeps a close watch through its own Satellite GAGAN operating from Farkhor airbase of Tajikistan.

India supporting Balochistan and very close ties with Afghan will be bad sign for China.

Af-Pak belt becoming a safe haven for Uighur militants who create unrest in XinJiag province. Many of ethnic Uighur are based in Afghan! again CIT X may come in handy,,No wonder China is deeply worried on Indo-Afghan friendly ties.

The Pakistan Occupied Kashmir over which India has full legal rights by virtue of Instrument of accession executed by Maharaja Hari Singh.
  • India has been Objecting to this CPEC as it passes through POK a Major Source of Terror that keeps hurting India.
  • Chinese earlier Occupation and annexing Tibet and XinJiang may replicate their evil design in GB may try to populate annexing GB as another province of Pakistan.
  • Placing GB along with Ladakh (82 per cent of J&K) on the political centre stage could easily undermine the Pakistani rhetoric on the Kashmir issue
  • Countering with GB,Kyber,Baloch over CPEC
  • GB is now abuzz with pro-freedom slogans as the people are fed up with decades of Pakistani atrocities, terrorism, and sectarian killings.
  • Anti Pakistan movements has gained momentum added to Hurriyat objecting to OBOR in POK
To counter CPEC Modi has at the right time raised all three (Baloch,Gilgit &Baltistan)
to send clear message that India is not going to take it lying down.

The 10 wasted years of UPA in checking the above finds a Course correction. Sin not to mention "Chahabar Port" by Indo-Iran and their Mutual support to Afghan not only to counter "Gwadar Port" but also to safeguard India’s trade route to Central Asia which poses a clear and long-persistent threat to CPEC

All one can speculate the CIT X has either been activated parallely Diplomatic mobilization taking place to Isolate Pakistan. US and Japan are backing to the hilt India diplomatically to make sure China Presence does not get increased.

Indians should be proud that Modi did Right in raking up Baloch,GB at the rampart of Red fort so the message gets International attention.

It did get attention as Bangladesh and Afghanistan backs Modi on Balochistan, the Oppression by PAK is now gathering momentum as more and more countries likely to back Modi, early signs Iran may back Modi too.
China Warns India
Ever Since Modi took over as PM , there is no free run to China. On the Latest development on Baloch and POK and the attention that it draws Internationally has put China in a fix. Though Nawaz Sharriff countering with deploying 22 Special envoys to the various Capitals across the World, China quick to realize Pakistan will not muster any support even from the Islamic Countries.

China Warns India on Interfering with Balochistan through their Assets that would have direct Impact on its $46bn Investments on CPEC. Already Alarm bells ringing in China on the US strategic shift from Pakistan to India added to the latest deployment of "Brahmos" on the borders of Tibet Occupied China. Continuous protests in GB also a worrisome factor for the Chinese OBOR.

The Chinese Think-tank has warned that China would not be a mute spectator if India creates unrest in Baloch and POK and would have to Involve itself for stability on these region. The Think tank also said it is indeed a great concern and an alarming signal for the China  as the following needs to be factored before any Chinese Mis-adventure
  • US Strategic Shift
  • Renewal of Defence and Technological cooperation between India and US (for another 10 years) under the DTTI ( Defence Technology and Trade Initiative)
  • US luring India by giving High tech deals and advanced Military Weapons
  • US,Japan and Australia are very keen in taking India into their camp countering China
  • Japan selling India low Cost Serach and Rescue Aircraft aiming to disgrace China in South China Sea.
  • India's involvement in South China Sea and selling Brahmos to Vietnam.  

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