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Jul 29, 2016

Barkha Dutt Lost It All.

It all started when Mr Venkaiah Naidu slammed section of Media protesting the gunning of down of  Hizbul Mujhaideen's Burhan Wani in Kashmir". This was the very first time GOI realized its time to rein-in the Media running amok whipping up Passion in the Valley.

Soon Arnab Goswami who knows how to read the pulse latched on to the #hastag #PaKDoves and without naming anyone blasted all PAK apologists including the Media fraternity. 

There is a saying in Tamil "Kuttram Ulla Nenju Kurukurukkum" roughly translated > "Guilty hearts are always unease". 

Despite no one named her, the guilty within her responded through tweets stating she don't give a toss to "Arnab's" views..If she had really not cared why did she followed it up with series of tweets? ..you lost it there (1)  Barkha! 

Not withstanding the backlash in twitter she took on to FB Times Now calls for gagging of media & for journalists to be tried &punished ,

What makes Barkha think that Journalists are holier than thou, Isn't she aware many a Journalist's involved in Clandestine operations, let me rejig her memory with few Incidents

  • 2G, Coalgate >.every scam there has been Media house/Journalist involved in giving perfect cover to the erstwhile Congress Govt  , your wolf cry that Journalist should not be tried as though you are born with Moral Superiority has been busted.. you lost it there (2) Barkha!    

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You may have slammed Hafiz Sayeed for endorsing you.. but what was revealed by Hafiz is that you and your Ideology is in very much sync with ISI,LeT,JuD hence no one is buying your argument that you are Patriotic.Maybe your past Romantic relationship with Kashmiri men had radicalized you to support the Separatists.. since not a word on Asiya Andrabi who begged Hafiz to populate support for the Burhan Wani funeral! On Patriotism you lost it there (3) Barkha! 

Yet again you took on Arnab in the depleted NDTV opinion column calling him Chamchagiri! what a hypocrite you are Barkha! recall you were cavorting with Congress and Power brokering.. again you lost it there (4) Barkha!

But even before this particular episode the whole country excepting few in JNU, LeftLib, Nehruvian supporters,NDTV & Separatists no one endorses your kind of Journalism. You are a taboo to the Indian Journalism..You are very lucky that we Indians are very tolerant unlike the Pakistanis (Whom you have so much of love) who keeps pumping bullets into the Journalists guts! This tolerant India has allowed you to survive for this long! you lost it there too with your Host Nation (5) Barkha!

You can go on with your crusade against our Armed Forces who provide the very freedom you live in .. Many of us can hear the "Bell tolls" of your career in Journalism..and we are delighted yours is not a  happy ending.. You Lost it all


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  1. There was a time I was a huge fan of Barkha....

    1. In fact an earlier Article on #Barkha I did mention "Once a Darling" of Electronic Media (https://thinkindiarationally.blogspot.in/2012/01/burka-dutt.html) somehow she lost her way! getting into d cozy Lutyens club mixing Journalism with Political benefits (another deadly cocktail)..Sad she has lost all she earned.